Seth Sheila wins SA’s best dressed man

GQ on announced the winners of their best dressed awards held at Mall of Africa in Waterfall City. The cuntry’s best dressed man is none other that Seth Shezi.

In explaining what it takes before a winner is announced, GQ editor-in-chief let us in.

“We look for men who not only dress with style, but live with style. Each of the winners do so with fearlessness and authenticity, placing more emphasis on empowerment than ego – and it’s this that’s evident not only in what they wear, but who they are,” he said.

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Shezi’s creative director spoke about how he was honored to receive the award of the magazine.

“When you’ve been a fan for as long as I have, [my mom still has boxes with old issues from when I was in high school that I made them keep] you can’t help but feel reaffirmed and legitimised that your sense of style and unique aesthetic contribution resonates with others,” said Shezi.

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His style involves his love for hats and formal suits.

“Going to church on a Sunday was a big thing. Both my grandfathers wore suits.

“I’ve been known to rock a retro flimsy shirt or 10.”

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