Sophie Ndaba comes out lashing on death rumors

Actress Sophie Ndaba has come out talking about death rumors that kept social media ablaze on Tuesday. She labelled it all disheartening and horrible.

The death rumors come a few weeks after Sophie lost weight due to her diabetes related condition.

Sophie was evidently not happy about all the rumors going round. She said South African’s need to grow up and stop making jokes when people are dealing with real challenges.

“I was at a meeting so my phone was on silent when the rumours started trending. My son who was at school at the time tried to call me but couldn’t get a hold of me. Do people who start these rumours even think about what it does to our children or that parents can end up having a heart attack?”

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She went onto add that the culprits need to stop and think about the families of people with chronic diseases.

“People are dying of depression‚ cancer and HIV and yet South Africans have time for jokes. Half of SA is suffering with some chronic disease which is such a challenge for families‚ so people need to grow up.

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“I was just thinking who could be responsible and if we did something to upset anyone‚ we are sorry. I’ve tried to ignore whatever has been said about me because every week it’s something new but it’s enough now. It’s enough and it’s getting ridiculous.”

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